Minneapolis ❤

ChiFouMi got some strong love for Minneapolis since importants bits of our little story is directly linked to this city.
To the people we met there, to those who made ChiFouMi-related things happened there, for the energy we get there, and for the strong and vivid memories we share from there.
Right now we think about Zak, Kevin, Jaime, Mandie, Barb, Dan, Bart, Jenny, Jordan, Caitlin, Jack, Peter, Noah, Raighne, Maggie, Tom, etc, all at MCAD and Autoptic, and to all the other people there, dealing also with their legitimate anger, their deep disgust, their sadness too.

His name was George Floyd.
#blacklivesmatter #whiteprivilege

(Dessin de Minneapolis signé Helge Reumann, à l'occasion de PFC#5 en 2015)
(Dessin de Minneapolis signé Helge Reumann, à l’occasion de PFC#5 en 2015)

PFC#5 presentation at Alliance Française – Minneapolis

Wednesday night at the Alliance française in Minneapolis, there was an introduction to ChiFouMi and the fifth edition of Pierre Feuille Ciseaux.

If you want to see the speeches of June, Xavier Guilbert and JC Menu (in great shape !), just check down here : (more…)

RPS : some collective workshop about PFC

Right before having twenty artists joining us during the week before starting PFC next week-end, we started some class here at MCAD ; it’s called RPS, and we’ll let you try to figure why, Sherlock. (more…)

During that time, in Minneapolis…

Our first chifoumist just landed yesterday, right in time for some Autoptic organisation meeting. (more…)

Pierre Feuille Ciseaux 5 – Minneapolis, USA – july 30th/august 7th, 2015.

News are coming, slowly, surely.

More really soon ! (more…)