Born in 1990, Eugène Riousse is one of this young upcoming artists that you typically know you will hear more about in the years to come.
With a diploma (engraving as an option) obtained at the Ecole Estienne, one of the very best art school in France, Eugène then goes to Strasbourg for hopefully graduate this year, at the renowned Arts Décoratifs school. There, he co-create Vignette, a collective magazine that put back the narrative into the classic Strasbourg art and illustration fanzines and self-published scene (4 issues are available by now ; you should read some).
Last november, he won the engraving Pierre Cardin prize at the Fine Arts Academy, and last january he got the upcoming artist award at the Angoulême International Festival. When he’s not busy to align his trophy collection on his chimney, he’s also working for 2024 publishing structure.

Eugène Riousse is a guest artist to this fourth residency with the help and support from Central Vapeur, a Strasbourg-based collective which does tons of huge work on the recognition and appreciation of both illustration and cartooning contemporary scenes.
Central Vapeur, we love you.

Central Vapeur LOGO

« Central Vapeur is an association constituted by professionals involved in the future of the illustration and comics in Strasbourg and in Alsace. It regroups notably most of the edition associations of Strasbourg, independents artists and actors of the cultural scene.
It expects to participate with the currant institution to the development and the promotion of the illustration through the organisation of events, the communication and partnerships. If everyone can contact Central Vapeur, it expect to draw a consistent and demanding look upon the art it supports. Popular or experimentals forms are selected by its artistic direction.
Set in Strasbourg, Central Vapeur shows as well illustration from France, Europe and everywhere, as it supports the quality of local productions, and help its to be shown and identified outside ».