In a very few years and as much collectives magazines, the Arbitraire collective (from Lyon, in France) put its name and those of its members on the indy french scene map. And as in each collectives, emulation and mutual motivation produce great surprises : introducing Pierre Ferrero, who run a quite impressive race in very short time, somewhere between the classics masters of the hallucinated underground and an approach completely, totally, radicaly contemporary.

His baffling stories, his resolute line, his inventive dialogs, his ruffling colorization, his impossibles points of view and his dizzy viewpoints makes a whole thing really very dashy, very unique, which differs through its creativity and its offbeat poetry. All this gives vertigo ! And makes us restless, waiting for this young creator’s next impulses from very close !

Recently, Pierre did some record covers (Kaviar Special, Max Loderbauer), some gig-posters (Kendrick Lamar, Forever Pavot), some illustrations (XXI magazine), some music video (Cheveu, with Margaux Duseigneur), he also makes plenty of workshops for kids and students and did produced several minizines.


  • “Isaac Neutron et l’étrange mystère de l’adolescence partie II” (autopublication, 2019)
  • “Isaac Neutron et l’étrange mystère de l’adolescence partie I” (autopublication, 2018)
  • “La Danse des Morts” (Les Requins Marteaux, 2015)
  • “Isaac Neutron vers de nouveaux paradigmes galactiques” (Arbitraire, 2015)
  • “ChiFouMi & Cie” (ChiFouMi, 2014)
  • “Isaac Neutron” (Professeur Cyclope, 2014)
  • “London Fashion by Isaac Neutron” (Arbitraire, 2013)
  • “Marlisou”, (Les Requins Marteaux, 2013)
  • “Nobrow” #8 (2013)
  • “Professeur Schnapeufli” #1 et 2 (Arbitraire)
  • “Arbitraire”, revue n°1 à 12 (2005/maintenant)