Geneviève Castrée is one of those delicious creators who, while embracing many artistic practices simultaneously, offers some rare and sincere work that her many readers (and listeners) treasure at its best. Maybe that’s because life’s sweet & sour reality is not toothsome that often than when flipping her pages, or when listening to the music she produces.
Born in 1981 in Quebec, Geneviève Castrée is remarked at the end of last century with an approach wabbling between toughness and innocence, and also with the quantity of tact and finesse that goes through. She’s quickly published by L’Oie de Cravan, a wonderful little publisher from Montreal, but also through Fantagraphics and L’Apocalypse.
Between two books, Geneviève Castrée is drawing, offering exhibitions across the world, makes some illustrations here or there, is doing porcelain sculpture and gives concerts who are really performance-look-alike : maybe what we experience in this young creator’s creations is merely a staggering and fascinating presence.

Bibliography :

  •     “Lait frappé”, L’Oie de Cravan, 1999.
  •     “Die Fabrik”, Reprodukt, 2000.
  •     “Roulathèque Roulathèque Nicolore”, L’Oie de Cravan, 2001.
  •     “Pamplemoussi”, L’Oie de Cravan, 2004 (book & record).
  •     “Susceptible”, L’Apocalypse, 2012 / Drawn & Quarterly, 2012.

Anthologies, collectifs…

  •     “Drawn & Quarterly Showcase 3”, Drawn & Quarterly, 2005.
  •     “Lapin n°38-44”, L’Association, 1999-2011.