(updated on july 5th)
The enthusiasm of the tandem 200% ChiFouMi (half north american, half french) is made of convinced and bound people who allowed us to keep on the main thing under Pierre Feuille Ciseaux : the line-up is strictly made of people that push things forward on their own corners, and we think all of them could form some bold and promising selection.
Young upcoming artists not so published, major player and figure of the progressist comic art scene : this fourth edition of PFC is made of a real nice assembly :

Anders Nilsen
Benoît Preteseille
David Libens
Domitille Collardey
Eleanor Davis
Emilie Plateau
Eugène Riousse
Geneviève Castrée
Jean-Christophe Menu
Jim Rugg
John Porcellino
Kevin Huizenga
Lilli Carré
Lisa Hanawalt
Marc Bell
Max de Radiguès
Pierre Ferrero
Sandrine Martin
Tomasz Kaczynski