Yannis La Macchia was born in 1985 in Geneva. He’s one of the co-founders of the Hécatombe collective, singular comic book publishing house : since its creation in 2005, Hécatombe proposes  ingenious objects to convey a narrative frame, adapted and clever supports to another solicitation of the readers ; their works are opposite of the industrial model where the format determines often the whole thing.

Yannis La Macchia won the prestigious Rodolphe Töpffer Award for “The beauty and new fashion hall”. At the same time, the new Geneva indy scene, of which La Macchia is definitely one of the most involved workers, is working on the Monstre : this festival is dedicated to micro-publishing, the first edition took place in 2011.

In 2014, one of his work,  “Un Fanzine Carré”, gets the Fauve de la Bande dessinée Alternative au festival d’Angoulême (Alternative Comics award) : a few months earlier, the incredible number “C” of this series had teased the world of the alternative edition. This small cube of 9 cm square, 900 pages, meticulously manufactured have completed to convince that La Macchia had more than one trick in his bag, and that Hécatombe was one of the most exciting self-publishing actors.

In 2017, Atrabile (25 years old swiss editorial structure but still judicious) publishes “Des bâtisseurs”. This book links Yannis personnal potentiality in comics and a new fluidity in the architecture of the narrative, while inserting philosophical, societary and creative questioning. This author-publisher certainly doesn’t want to follow a path already identified, but want to clear-building some unexpected passages.

This exploration is obviously not about to stop : in 2018 appears the “collection RVB”, a new digital form of the comic strip  (without forgetting a materialized form, we can find it in bookstores). Once again, Yannis La Macchia serves as a researcher at the service of the comics cause, and develops a distinct talent for challenging himself and, at the same time, challenging cartoon itself.

Online : yannislamacchia.com

Bibliography :

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Collectives (selection) :

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