Jul Gordon, born in 1982, is a native of Germany. She lives in Hamburg, where she studied with Anke Feuchtenberger from 2003 to 2008 in the illustration department of the University of Applied Sciences.

She expresses herself through comics, illustration, painting, animation but experiments in all directions when it comes to sharing a story. For “Le Parc”, she was inspired by Richard Strauss’ opera “Der Rosenkavalier”, which led her to create scale models of the scenes where the story takes place and therefore shows how much she cares about narrative coherence and fluidity. And this is all the more obvious since her graphic universe, both virtuosic and falsely wobbly, where she mixes pencil, ink, collages, fabrics, can sometimes be confusing, and can lead the reader astray because of her innermost strangeness.

Her offbeat, corrosive humour, her criticism of her contemporaries and the society in which they live, and her falsely naive and frugal page compositions ultimately give a strange mixture that makes us not really sure where to stand, and that’s all the better. Her little human comedy is often flawed, and absurdity reigns.

She has been running comic book workshops in a social centre in the St. Pauli district for several years. Her drawings have been seen in “Canicola”, “Le Monde Diplomatique”, “Strapazin”, among others.


Online : http://julgordon.de/

Bibliography :
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Collectives :
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