On this website, we have already spoken about Anders Nilsen, this American author who is dear to us in many respects, and who had been one of the residents of the third edition of Pierre Feuille Ciseaux before visiting Franche-Comté locals bookstores to promote his work, in 2011.

It is with a great pleasure that we will receive again Anders to Besançon, on Thursday, January 24th, 2013, at 8:00 pm, to the Ateliers Zone Art (yard of 37 Beating street), shortly before that he goes to the Angoulême International Festival to defend and present Big Questions, his book just appeared to The Association (and which is moreover a member of the official selection).

We shall make that during an evening of discussion, projection and reading.
To the program :
– Presentation of the author and his work, published in France or not,
– Projection commented by (translated) extracts of “Rage of Poseidon“, a self-published project (to a very few copies, what makes it an almost new rarity!),
– Presentation of “Big Questions”, his last work (see lower),
– Questions / answers with the public.

Big Question, d'Anders Nilsen (L'Association)
Big Question, Anders Nilsen (L’Association publisher)

We could spent many time to try to explain to you what motivates us to claim that Big Questions is one of the most beautiful, the strongest, the most moving books appeared these last years: if such was not our conviction, we would not have proposed this exhibition which was dedicated to him, during the same third edition of Pierre Feuille Ciseaux.
But try to summarize this book in some sentences turns out an exercise nastily hazardous, and systematically reducing … We could speak about leader a masterpiece of work to philosophico-metaphysical impact, about a fable humanist but filled with sparrows, we quote Beckett or Chestov, we also quote the big striking comic strips (Chris Ware, George Herriman) but finally, best is probably to have the work in hands, to seize it and to go through it, and to see if we agree to get lost there, to be allowed carry, or no … We hope in any case that you will come to discover this author during this expected coming.

To know more about “Big Questions”, if such seemed necessary to you :
– Interview with Anders Nilsen on du9.org (the very same interview here in english).
– Interview with Anders Nilsen on theartyshow.
– Always on du9.org, chronicles of “Big Questions“, “Don’t go where I can’t follow“, “Monologues for the coming plague“.

Anders, while the guided tours of the exhibition in 2011 during Pierre Feuille Ciseaux #3.

Anders Besancon 2013 A