Our friends from the Brussels editorial structure L’Employé du Moi are moving part of the beautiful exhibition they proposed on the occasion of Cultures Maison.
A portion of “Indie Americans” will therefore be coming to Toulouse: from Tuesday, the original plates of Melissa Mendes, Noah Van Sciver and Charles Forsman will be on display at the Ombres Blanches Bookstore and at Café L’Impro. A devernissage/dedication will take place on Tuesday 29 January 2019 in Toulouse, to close this chapter celebrating Franco-American-Belgian friendship.  🙂
If you don’t have the opportunity to meet Noah in Angouleme (he is invited to Pierre Feuille Ciseaux #6, as a reminder), it will be time to do so!

Indie Americans a Toulouse - 2018-2019