The rhythm increases (and so is the pressure)

With the weekend which strides up the “production” increases, it is a little bit difficult to show you everything !


30 minutes, stopwatch in hand !

Take a group of 3 cartoonists, and a sheet of paper with 6 blank frames. Each of them has 5 minutes to draw a first frame using the first person ‘I’. Then give the sheet to one of his pairs next to him and take the sheet given by the third one to draw the second frame using the second person ‘you’ and so forth till the 6th frame.

Today there was an additional difficulty (HA HA HAA!): the language barrier. Each group included at least one non-French speaking cartoonist. This morning, some strips were thus written in two or even three languages.


Silkscreen printing of Heracles cover

While the cartoonists are working on the twelve pages of the book, Mayumi and Raphael from the incredibly awesome Icinori collective are silkscreen printing its cover. Meticulousness and care are catchwords. You can witnesses their experience through the attention they grant to each step of the work’s making.


Time : past midnight. People : inking, printing, cutting…

All Over Team (the silkscreen studio) is still working, on an Ibn Al Rabin project.


Icinori’s labours

Raphael Urwiller and Mayumi Otero, founders of the experimental publishing house named Icinori, are here for the whole week to help the cartoonists on a object-book project on their initiative.

This 12 pages book will take the shape of an accordion (see above). 60 copies will be made through silkscreen printing (3 colors). Some of the copies of this limited edition will be sold during the weekend.