PFC#6 : First collaborative exercises

Everyone’s got his/her favorite tools on the table… in few minutes the first “Loop” exercice starts showing on the walls…

Laura, Tara, Jessica, Jul, Noah and Yvan.


Anders, Tunlaya, Keren and Benoit.




PFC#6: Day One

First morning!!

Everyboby finds easily his own place, after a good night sleep and a nice breakfast (despite the jetlag). It’s time to explain the rules established by June, J-C Menu and Anders Nilsen during the last editions and reworked a little since (we’ll get back to this later… ).


Benoit, Yannis and Simon


Laura and the dog

(Who’s a goood boooy?!!… For authors’ emotional comfort: a dog and two cats are also bringing their full support to the team during this narrative quest.)

PFC#6 at the “Grand Jeu”, IT IS ON!

The 6th edition is ready to begin, almost every author arrived today at the “Grand Jeu” (the “big game”), our amazing residency place in Angoulême’s countryside.


“Le Grand Jeu” (“The Big game”), our atypical, cosy residency spot under the beautiful blue sky.


The work space, sunny, well organized… waiting…


Since monday night, the team, progressively builds itself. (Sailor sweaters are pretty fashionable here, as you can see…)


Near the fire place… (even better than home!)



Emmanuel Guibert exhibition in Angers

Expo Guibert Angers - visuel

Cultures Maison #8 – Brussels, 21/22/23 september 2018

cultures maison bruxelles 2018 visuel
Plenty of meetings, publishers, exhbitions, talks, concerts and so during the soon-to-come Cultures Maison festival ! For the 8th time, let’s go to Brussels, Belgium and among the tons of people to check, books to discover, rendez-vous to follow, please check the “Indie Americans” show, courtesy of both publishers L’Employé du Moi and Ça et Là.
Every details here on Cultures Maison website.