It’s not so usual to see how the comic book médium range of possibles, speaking of thematics and topics, could be pushed back with such creativity than when it’s Tomasz Kaczynski who does it.
His narration approach, and the way he use space and sizes (architecture studies had surely been prominent for him), are clearly serving his curious stories, where social criticism is hatching and where mankind is letting himself being confined in dark dystopias, as the reader between Tom K.’s frames. Not so often we can see little tangibles notions becoming so concrete, and it is clear that it’s brilliant formal achievements.
So, it’s not so surprising to learn that Tomasz Kaczynski learned english by reading essays bout capitalism and economy when he was living in (communist) Poland back in the days. Tomasz Kaczynski is now an author, a publisher (with his Uncivilized Books inprint) and a teacher.

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  • “Trans Utopia”, Uncivilized Books, 2010. (Ignatz Award Nominated Outstanding Mini-Comic + one 10 Best minis of 2010 by Comics Journal)

Anthologies, collectifs, etc

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