Mathilde Van Gheluwe started comics at the age of ten by drawing for Le Journal de Marie, an independant newspaper created by one of her classmates.
Despite a very strong appeal for undersea wildlife and whales, Mathilde ended up studying illustration at Saint-Luc Institut in Bruxelles and Saint-Lucas in Gand, which are both well renowned art schools in Belgium (and in western Europe).
In 2016, Atrabile published her first comic book, a story about childhood and growing up co-written with Valentine Gallardo. The title “Pendant que le Loup n’y est pas” (meaning “While the wolf isn’t there”, using a reference to a french children song).
Since then, Mathilde’s short stories were published by various editors such as ShortBox, Bries and RuffHaus.
Currently in residency at La Maison des Auteurs in La Cité internationale de la bande dessinée et de l’image (giving authors a favorable, multicultural, working environment through residency programs), she’s currently working on a new project to be published by Peow ! Studio.

Site :

Bibliography :
• “Flores Oscuras”, Instituto Cervantes, Belgique, 2018.
• “Best Girlfriend”, Drunken Boat, Etats-Unis, 2017.
• “Spectacular Vermacular”, in collection Mini kuš !, kuš ! Comics, Lettonie, 2016.
• “Pendant que le loup n’y est pas”, éd. Atrabile, Suisse, 2016.
• “Light OCDs”, Short Box Editions, Grande Bretagne, 2016.
• “Flatland”, Bries, Belgique, 2015.

Collectives :
• “Vite, bois”, Vite (tome 9), 2018.
• “Super Towers”, self-published, 2017.
• “Vite poison”, Vite (tome 8), 2017.