We got some visit !

Friday, 10 AM, everybody is going back to work with a certain frenzy : the week passed so quickly, but there’s tons of works that needs to be pushed more and more tonight, tonight and… probably tomorrow, as certain residents looks like they REALLY want to make this PFC#4 some unforgettable moment.
And look who’s just arrived : Jaime Hernandez is in the place. The day will be crazy. (more…)

“Oppression”, another proposition from JC Menu !

Between two big laughs (because we’re really have fun here while working really hard !) : “Oppression”, the new exercise that Jean-Christophe Menu asked to the authors, is a 6 frames suite of oppressives moments, that the author should had really lived between 9 and 14 years old. (more…)

“Wonder Woman”

This exercise was proposed by John Porcellino according to the following constraint :

” Wonder Woman has captured you with her magic lasso. You must tell the truth. What do you say?”


Wonder Woman

A glimpse of what was produced.



J.C. Menu seems to love the idea!



Emilie Plateau

Never try to compete with Wonder Woman, by Emilie Plateau.



Domitille Collardey

Let’s talk about fashion, by Domitille Collardey.



Anders Nilsen

We don’t wanna know!!  – Anders Nilsen

“Blobs to be continued”

This exercise was proposed by Marc Bell. Authors have to use the blobs in their drawing.


Blobs continued

First page completed.


New proposal

On the left, a new page to be continued.

“Fuck this thing”

This exercise was proposed by Eleanor Davis according to the following constraint : “Draw the thing you hate drawing the most. You don’t have to finish it. Just draw until you give up”.

Fuck this thing

Fuck drawing myself over and over.