Jetlag and first memories.

We’ll get some infos from our long-awaited deliveries pretty soon now (the book, the poster… the posterS, should we add !), but before that, here’s some news from our residents-cartoonists friends who, as it looks, really like the PFC5 residency.
As much as we did, probably !

Inès Estrada published some PFC5 comics online journal. She did this quickly in a few days right after the end of the residency, “as fast as I could, in the spirit of PFC”. There’s some nice ingredients about this weird PFC recipe…

PFC5 journal par Ines Estrada

Helge Reumann is basically posting images from this north-american journey : records and zines he bought, pictures from his authors friends, other freaky oddities…

On his side, Charles Burns published a few of his numberous contributions among some of the more finalized from this very PFC. Those drawings looks like typical awesome kicking-ass chewing-gum for your eyes à la Burns, but in fact they are all take part of a more global collective project. We’ll speak about that soon too

Charles Burns (Zak Sally's head project)

At last, Laura Park (first, on her own, and then through a postcard done with Jean-Christophe Menu, from Chicago) share some memories of her week. Let’s drool in front of her amazing work, not without any nostalgia !

PFC5 - devant les dorms à MCAD - par Laura Park

PFC5 - par Laura Park

Things are following, according to the deliveries from across the ocean ! More soon !

Mission accomplished.

Kickstarter finalisé

20 authors, 1 collective US/french team to make it happen, 176 pledgers : thank you.
More really soon on the ChiFouMi website, especially with a CRAZY book to show you really soon, and plenty of other things, too !
(we’ll have a 2-3 days of sleep and then we’ll come back, we promise)


Yippee!! Live from Autoptic!


PFC5 Autoptic

Hello everybody!

PFC5 Autoptic 2

THE poster PFC 2015 (available on our kickstarter!!!)

PFC5 Autoptic 3

Another collective poster PFC 2015 (available very soon on our kickstarter!!)

PFC5 Autoptic 4

ChiFouMi’s table (with Mathilde)

PFC5 Autoptic 5

ChiFouMi’s table (with Pascal, Antoine, Pierre et June)

PFC5 Autoptic 6

ChiFouMi’s table

More awesomeness printed stuff finding its way to the Kickstarter !

So !
It wasn’t scheduled and just went naturally those last hours but as usual when it comes to PFC madness, some authors used the huge and great printshop just one door away from our week-long work-room (thanks to Kara Gregory and Diana Eieher from the MCAD printshop) and well… Things happened !
So, soon on Kickstarter :
– a collaborative 2 colors silkscreen giant poster courtesy of Helge Reumann & Josh Bayer.
– a collaborative 2 colors silkscreen print from Pascal Matthey & Nylso.
– a last minute messed up collaboration in 2 silkscreened colors by Antoine Marchalot, Pascal Matthey, Josh Bayer, Charles Burns, Helge Reumann, Dominique Goblet, Nylso, Rachel Deville, with our good friend Kevin Huizenga jumping aboard too ! (and thanks to Pierre Ferrero to shake a little bit the collective vibe of those last hours).
– a sweet depht-geometrical drawing in 3 silkscreen colors by Edie Fake.



Helge Reumann en pleine action.


Edie Fake checking his second silkscreening session.




More super soon !

PFC#5 presentation at Alliance Française – Minneapolis

Wednesday night at the Alliance française in Minneapolis, there was an introduction to ChiFouMi and the fifth edition of Pierre Feuille Ciseaux.

If you want to see the speeches of June, Xavier Guilbert and JC Menu (in great shape !), just check down here :

PFC#5 – Chifoumi Talk + J.C. Menu / Alliance Francaise – Minneapolis from Dominique Grass on Vimeo.

Many thanks to Dom Filmaiqueur for the video.