This is coming.

As they’re about to get into their planes and have their flights for reaching Minneapolis, european artists that are part of this very year residency-lab give a bit of news, just before leavin.
Seems like Helge Reumann is inspired by PFC#5 : look at this amazing drawing he just shared on his tumblr page…

helge reumann - PFC5

All europeans artists will be here by tomorrow, wednesday, and in the 48 hours that follows, will be rejoined by the north-american artists.
We cannot wait.
It’s coming.

RPS : some collective workshop about PFC

Right before having twenty artists joining us during the week before starting PFC next week-end, we started some class here at MCAD ; it’s called RPS, and we’ll let you try to figure why, Sherlock.
Thirteen students decided to give our french action a little try, and jumped both feets into the depths of the “under-constraints-collective-cartoonisme-creation-or-something-like-that” topic.
Today was their very first day, and well, what can we say ? That it was a blast. Tons of productions, many exercices already started that goes more than pretty well, and some real nice new collective and narrative project that we’ll speak about soon… We can already see some great artists there, among thos students in comic art, illustration, fine art or animation.
Before that : a few pictures of the effervescency (you got to think that the room was empty, as for the walls when we all get in at 9 am…).
And once again, thanks to Barbara Schulz for making it happening again ; as for Jaime Willems, Mandie Brasington and also Nikki Ivanovsky-Schow.

RPS2 - au taf

RPS2 - clique

RPS2 - DSCN9740

RPS2 - DSCN9758

RPS2 - DSCN9769

RPS2 - DSCN9771

RPS2 - DSCN9773

RPS2 - trio

RPS2 - DSCN9774

RPS2 - DSCN9776

RPS2 - DSCN9777

RPS2 - DSCN9783

After the 1st day of class, the second day-in-the-day begins : PFC meeting with Anders Nilsen, Zak Sally, Kevin Huizenga, Mandie Brasington, Jaime Willems and Barb Schulz.


During that time, in Minneapolis…

Our first chifoumist just landed yesterday, right in time for some Autoptic organisation meeting.
Autoptic (as you already know it if you spent a bit of time on this very site those last years) is some collective/non-profit organisation consisting of assembling the most enthusiasts indy comics creators, printers, publishers from the Minneapolis scene, but it’s also the name of their BIG event happening this summer for its second iteration. It’s also one determinant partner for the north-american versions of PFC !
And even if it’s not some kind of insane scoop, let’s make it clear : those guys rocks and this second edition of Autoptic will be an incredible set of great times, but we’ll get back to it soon now.

PFC5 - Autoptic affiche

Soon on each and every Minneapolis walls !

PFC5 - Autoptic meeting

Part of the Autoptic people : Jordan Shiveley, Bob Algeo, Raighne Hogan, Justin Skarhus, Jenny King, Tom Kaczynski, Zak Sally, Caitlin Skaalrud.

More real soon !




Some bad news, some good news. Which one do you prefer to get first ?

Bad news for all of us : Michael DeForge is sorry to have to cancel both appearances at PFC5 & Autoptic. Which is something that is really sad but as we know Michael has some super good reasons behind this decision, it’s ok and we’ll be super happy to get him aboard for some next PFC, who knows.
BUT ! Good news !

Marc Bell - stroppy
Canada is such a wonderful place that when some of its inherent author have to cancel, some other appears. And well, we are so pleased to have our loved Marc Bell back to PFC ! Marc was part of PFC4 two years ago and since we are all in love with him and his crazyness aptitude to drop some unthinkable creative ideas all day long.
(nice interview with Marc Bell done during PFC4 in 2013, courtesy of our good friends at du9 !)

These are the last news.
Stay tuned, as they say !

“Nothing Will Ever Be the Same” exhbition – opening reception on 2015, august 7th

Autoptic Kick-Off Party and Art Show : Nothing Will Ever Be the Same is the title of the group exhibition we’re putting together at Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis to kick off Autoptic on August 7th, 7-10, right after PFC5 ending.

Nothing will ever be the same - visuel 2015

It features original artwork by Charles Burns, Aidan Koch, Laura Park, Antoine Marchalot and Helge Reumann and there’s also a small solo show of works on paper by Dominique Goblet.

Come meet the artists and raise a glass to the best festival of independent awesomeness on the face of the planet.

This exhibition is curated by Anders Nilsen.

August 7th, 7-10pm, Light Grey Art Lab, 118 E 26th St Suite 101, Minneapolis 55404.

(visual : Anders Nilsen)