Based in Tel Aviv, Keren Katz is an author and an illustrator. She is also the most essential half of the duo “Katz Sisters” (and the only one…). She holds a degree from the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem.

She has contributed to anthologies published by Fantagraphics, Retrust / Big Planet, Locust Moon, Smoke Signal, The Brooklyn Rail, Ink Brick, Rough House Comics and many others, as well as to self-edited collective comics. She practices kinds of narrative, interactive and collaborative creative marathons that take place in atypical places. She is also a member of the Humdrum Comics collective and the Pathos Mathos Company.

Her first graphic novel entitled “The Academic Hour” received the Cartoonist Studio Prize and was nominated for an Ignatz Award. She is currently a fellow and resident of the Center for Cartoon Studies (Vermont, United States). This program, offered to artists who are already recognized in the publishing industry or whose work has been well received, is designed to help enter the next phase one’s career, towards professionalization.

Richard McGuire writes of her: “Keren Katz’s comics transcend the medium, the text is poetry, the drawings are a dance, the stories are unlike any other, she is truly original”.

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• “The Academic Hour”, (Secret Acres, 2017).