More on the french side !

“Some Breath King / Break Something”, PFC#4 residents book.

If you’re familiar with PFC, perhaps you noticed that each year, we launch some crazy project-inside-the-project kind of thing : trying to make some book appears from this nice artists gathering, during the one and only very week where they’re all around.

For PFC#4, our main man Anders Nilsen, always on the run when it comes to add one more thing on his already giant-double-XXL to-do-list, decided to take care about it. Months before the beginning of the residency, he remembered that during his own PFC#3 residency in France, back in 2011, he was part of the giant process that our friends from Icinori launched while here. And he got the idea to work on his very own twist about it. (more…)

And how was Autoptic ?

In a single word : DOPE.
In a few : incredible organisation, super nice location, awesome exhibitors, great panels, exciting public.
In a few pictures : (more…)

A few days with Jaime Hernandez

We told you before that the great Jaime Hernandez is around for some days, from some meeting with public at MCAD (related to his awesame retrospective exhibition) and the Autoptic fest this sunday.
The man is not only something of a comic book legend, who’s still got some pretty hot skills as we can see it in his last book, but he’s also an incredible nice, generous and simple man. Far away from so many divas in the field, he spent his whole time with PFC#4 people, and was kind enough to jump into some collective exercise. Don’t have to tell you that everybody was here for this exercise !

The opening of the retrospective.

The public talk with Zak Sally (the retrospective curator) was an incredible moment…

…shared with a few people !

It’s been 30 years since Jaime Hernandez do his thing. And 30 years later, young readers and artists are still really, really hot on what he does.

Some PFC#4 24′ exercise with the Man.

More news soon !


This is coming !

Today, the workshop/class we got with Minneapolis College of Art & Design students just started.
Of course, it will be directly connected with the PFC#4 thing as soon as it will start, so we try to dig a bit deeper into the ways of dealing with narrative construction into the comics form ; which means : oubapo constraints, formal restrictions, collaborative works, individual creation, and ophthalmic migraine !
Attending the class is a bunch of people who know already how to deal with all of this, so this is real pleasure to exchange about the various oubapian stuff that could works here too.
Of course, ChiFouMi wants to thanks the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and especially Barbara Schulz

and Zak Sally for making it happening. More coverage real soon, as this is only the beginning of a 2 weeks
workshop !

MCAD workshop

MCAD workshop

Day one : already lot of things done !

MCAD workshop

MCAD workshop

MCAD workshop

MCAD workshop

MCAD workshop

MCAD workshop

Here’s the students !

And during this time, we are also spending times on the PFC#4/Autoptic project. It’s a question of days before everything starts here, and there’s clearly some electricity in the air : here, Anders Nilsen and Zak Sally are just giving the sunday evening treatment to some particular step in this soon-to-happen PFC#4 thing…

Anders Nilsen and Zak Sally

Of course, we can’t wait for that. Oh, didn’t we said that before, already ? Anyway : can’t wait for that.

Stay tuned for more news from Minneapolis !