PFC#7, sweet sunday…


Alex (and yes, “ressacs” are back…:-) )
Matthias and Charles
Zak and Juliana
Zak (Thank you Pierre for your guitar <3)

PFC#7, screen printers work hard as well

Some pictures of the first collective project, it’s being printed at L’atelier Le Bouc in Angoulême where Geoffrey Grimal welcomes Renaud Thomas (and his beautiful apron). Looking forward to seeing it!


PFC#7, serious atmosphere…or not?


Aisha, Benjamin, Juliette and Violaine
Aisha and Benjamin


“Ware-wolf” party (the villagers loose every time…)
“Charles Heads” and “puzzle-poster” projects
It’s sunny  😉 , we’re happy…

PFC#7, day one.

We come closer to the end of the very first day and of the very first collaborative project : a 40 pages, 2 colors silkscreen printed accordion book, launched by our precious and old friend Renaud Thomas, with help from our precious and old friend Jaime Willems, produced between Le Grand Jeu where’s PFC#7 is happening at the moment and L’atelier Le Bouc in Angoulême.
At this very moment, we draw, we ink, we scan, we cut, we colorise, we work hard on the first project done made in PFC#7.

PFC7 leporello production 4
First step : each guest resident did a single color drawing. Later, this drawing is colorised by some other author.

PFC7 leporello production 3
Jaime and Renaud in full action : scan, cleaning, correctin, resize, lay out of the book.

PFC7 leporello production 2
Then, a double spread is slotted between two drawings. This new double page introduce the narrative notion within the project, connecting two drawings from two different cartoonists. Even more, it’s the result of a collaboration between two authors… The final version looks like a narrative suite looking like : page 1 : [author A] ; pages 2 & 3 : [authors A & B] ; page 4 : [author B] ; pages 5 & 6 : [authors B et C] ; page 7 : [author C] ; etc.
Above : double spread courtesy of Aisha Franz and Juliana Hyrri.
Bottom : double spread from Charles Burns and Matthias Lehmann (each of them pencilled a drawing on a side of the double page, then inked one’s other ; and vice-versa).

PFC7 leporello production 1
Thursday, 11:50pm, first day : 39 pages, soon at the Pierre Feuille Ciseaux #7 art show within the FIBD.

It’s happening.

PFC7 première heure