Final phase of nostalgic display, I promise.

It’s been several years that Aurélien Jeanney (alias Flying Pou7), graphic designer and video director in our green lands, has never been far away from the turmoil caused by each new Pierre Feuille Ciseaux.
Last October, while giving a hand at the Usine where he has become familiar with destroying All Over’s silkscreen printing studio equipment with a genuine enthusiasm, he had brought his video recorder. Three months later, the result is a short video composed of a few images gleaned here and there while racing against the clock.
Obviously, this is not an exhaustive video catalog of what Pierre Feuille Ciseaux#3 has been, but rather a souvenir made of moving images. The association ChiFouMi thanks him for that (and actually invites you to poke your nose into the whole of his dense work).

The music, moving as well, was made by Zak Sally, one of the American cartoonists invited during the third residency.
Once more, we invite you to read his books (he’s La Mano’s boss, a publishing organization ‘invisible since 1992’) and to listen to his music (his solo work is available from Sub Pop).


More ChiFouMi news pretty soon !