Some collective art show in Besançon, France, about what was it all about our collective residency Pierre Feuille Ciseaux 5 that happened in Minneapolis, USA, last summer.

La Chèvre Sans Visage (The Faceless Goat)
Collective exhibition post-PFC5 with the works of :
Josh Bayer (USA), Gabrielle Bell (USA), Marc Bell (CAN), Charles Burns (USA), Rachel Deville (FR), Ines Estrada (MEX), Edie Fake (USA), Pierre Ferrero (FR), Dominique Goblet (BE), Sammy Harkham (USA), Aidan Koch (USA), Antoine Marchalot (FR), Pascal Matthey (CH), Jean-Christophe Menu (FR), Anders Nilsen (USA), Nylso (FR), Laura Park (USA), Helge Reumann (CH), Zak Sally (USA), Jillian Tamaki (CAN)…

from january 21st to february 20th in two places :
• Ateliers Zone Art, cour du 37 rue Battant, Besançon.
• Médiathèque Pierre Bayle, 27 Rue de la République, Besançon.
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