We’ll get some infos from our long-awaited deliveries pretty soon now (the book, the poster… the posterS, should we add !), but before that, here’s some news from our residents-cartoonists friends who, as it looks, really like the PFC5 residency.
As much as we did, probably !

Inès Estrada published some PFC5 comics online journal. She did this quickly in a few days right after the end of the residency, “as fast as I could, in the spirit of PFC”. There’s some nice ingredients about this weird PFC recipe…

PFC5 journal par Ines Estrada

Helge Reumann is basically posting images from this north-american journey : records and zines he bought, pictures from his authors friends, other freaky oddities…

On his side, Charles Burns published a few of his numberous contributions among some of the more finalized from this very PFC. Those drawings looks like typical awesome kicking-ass chewing-gum for your eyes à la Burns, but in fact they are all take part of a more global collective project. We’ll speak about that soon too

Charles Burns (Zak Sally's head project)

At last, Laura Park (first, on her own, and then through a postcard done with Jean-Christophe Menu, from Chicago) share some memories of her week. Let’s drool in front of her amazing work, not without any nostalgia !

PFC5 - devant les dorms à MCAD - par Laura Park

PFC5 - par Laura Park

Things are following, according to the deliveries from across the ocean ! More soon !