Autoptic Kick-Off Party and Art Show : Nothing Will Ever Be the Same is the title of the group exhibition we’re putting together at Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis to kick off Autoptic on August 7th, 7-10, right after PFC5 ending.

expo DSCN9935
Antoine Marchalot’s artwork shooted by Dom Filmaiqueur.
expo DSCN9937
Charles Burns’ artwork.
expo DSCN9938
Helge Reumann’s artwork.
expo DSCN9940
Anders Nilsen (curator of the exhibition), Dom Filmaiqueur, Mathieu from ChiFouMi working hard on the exhib.
expo DSCN9941
Dominique Goblet’s artwork.
expo DSCN9946
This guy is looking for a job. He knows how to handle the drill, how to make pasta, got good music taste and is having two showers a day. You should engage him.

It features original artwork by Charles Burns, Aidan Koch, Laura Park, Antoine Marchalot and Helge Reumann and there’s also a small solo show of works on paper by Dominique Goblet. We working hard for making it super cool, and spent the day on it ; it’s not finished yet, but it will be awesome !

Come meet the artists and raise a glass to the best festival of independent awesomeness on the face of the planet.

This exhibition is curated by Anders Nilsen.

August 7th, 7-10pm, Light Grey Art Lab, 118 E 26th St Suite 101, Minneapolis 55404.