Near Angoulême, France and just before the FIBD 2020 starts, all the creators/cartoonists/artists/authors that were part of the Pierre Feuille Ciseaux #7 collective residency organised by Association ChiFouMi worked hard on plenty, plenty of graphic/narrative projects.
While most of it was sticking with the comics deconstruction (as you can check here on this very website), some others “tried” many weird roads to improve their skills as much as their own selves.

So, here’s “Dignac Yolo 2.0”, a very short video project that could be considered as some hysterical-but-totally-tired result of hours of fun, decompress-stage for the 13 authors that gave everything during those 8 hectic days, including cutting up crazy cars with cardboard, glu and magic markers. It’s still a narrative collective effort, made mostly by cartoonists that never experimented such a thing (“images that moves !”), but you’ll be able to feel/see by yourselves how much it was time to HAVE FUN, whatever the result.
BUT because all those people are beautiful people, they managed to push things forward even with it was supposed to be fun and quick : simply said, they were the best.

“Dignac Yolo 2.0”, France, 2020, by : Benjamin Adam (France) • David Amram (France) • Alex Baladi (Swiss) • Charles Burns (USA) • Aisha Franz (Germany) • Juliana Hyrri (Finland) • Joe Kessler (UK) • Matthias Lehmann (France) • Violaine Leroy (France) • Joanna Lorho (France) • Juliette Mancini (France) • Zak Sally (USA) • Lale Westvind (USA).

Done in january 2020 at Le Grand Jeu, Dignac, as part of PFC#7/Pierre Feuille Ciseaux #7, within the 2020 Angoulême international Comics Festival.
Thanks to all the creators and racing drivers involved.
™ & ® association ChiFouMi / all PFC#7 residents (see list above).