Meanwhile in Thailand…

While in Minneapolis the residency is in full spring, on the other side of the planet other people work on the sequential graphic narrative experiment. (more…)

Wanna see what the 3 colors silkscreen collaborative poster looks like ?

Then you should wait for another little bit, but looks like things are really on their way… (more…)

Charles Burns and Sammy Harkham have a chat with the students

After various meetings with some europeans authors as well as with Aidan Koch and Josh Bayer, Charles Burns and Sammy Harkham finally shared a couple of hours with the students of the workshop. (more…)


Once the 3 first panels done, the authors, in an order determined by drawing lots, chose the sequence they want to finalize. Now it’s time to put things together by the imposition of the book. (more…)

A faceless goat, a wood guy, a flashlight…

The first step of the look has been launched. Each author has chosen a character, an object, a setting and is elaborating the first panels of the future “Loop”. The exercise is by now legendary, but surprises nonetheless expect us… (more…)