Ok, let’s be honest : we’re running out of time here as there’s only one chifoumist at the moment, and well, between some workshops to prepare, the residency to adjust, and all the many, many rendez-vous that are making this very huge timetable, let’s say it clearly : this will be something, guys, that we hope will be as great as we feel it at the moment.
The ChiFouMi gang will be ready and in full effect in a few days and the news will start to invades this website (as for our facebook and twitter pages…), and before that, a few news things that comes up these last hours, after a long, slow roasting :

Jugglers !
Our man Anders Nilsen did it again. Not only he managed to get some art to show from this incredible bunch of talented artists that will be part of the PFC#4 thing, but he found out crazy ways to share it with people. Jugglers will happen at Co-Exhibitions, and the reception (with probably all authors and people involved in PFC#4 and Autoptic !) is tuesday, August 13th, from 7pm to midnight, as there will also be music for your ears, thanks to Zak Sally‘s Pretty Ladies latest awesome project.

Minneapolis, we are already totally in love with you.

(more Jugglers on facebook too)