Even if the residency is at the moment a super intense collective creative mess, we tried to take some time for having last week students able to share a bit of time with some artists.

After europeans artists Pierre Ferrero, Antoine Marchalot, Dominique Goblet, Pascal Matthey and Helge Reumann last week, Aidan Koch and Josh Bayer jumped into the exchange during an intense round table this monday. Between both those two, there’s tons of differents ways of imagining what comics-art could be like, so let’s say that it went from abstract notion to Kirby, from anatomy lessons to exploring the frontiers between comics and contemporary art, and the way one can infuse the other.

Great times !


PFC5 / JBayerAKoch 3

PFC5 / JBayerAKoch 2

PFC5 / JBayerAKoch 1
Josh Bayer
PFC5 / JBayerAKoch 4
Josh Bayer