Tunlaya Dunnvatanachit (Tuna Dunn) is a visual designer from Bangkok, Thailand.
In 2015, she graduated from Chulalongkorn University with a bachelor degree in Fine and Applied Arts, majoring in graphic design. She worked as a designer for Fungjai, a local start-up focusing on the indie music scene for 2 years. Her area of work includes illustration, graphic design, animation and comics. She has worked for various clients such as Noble Development, JINS eyewear, Google and more.
Her works were displayed at Unknown Asia Osaka 2016 along with many asian artists and designers in Osaka, Japan.
She has published 4 comic books with Salmon Books since 2013. Her latest comic book is called “Quarter-Life Crisis” which was also translated into Korean.
Tunlaya’s work is a mixture of simple lines and storytelling, ranging from brutally honest to extremely lonely.

Online : http://tunlayadunn.tumblr.com

Bibliography :
• “Quarter-life crisis” (Salmon Books, 2017)
• “Best Before 2015” (Salmon Books, 2015)
• “Missed” (Salmon Books, 2014)
• “I Like Like You” (Salmon Books, 2013)