Max is one of those guys who never stops doing comics but always with one foot (or both) in the many publishing questions that can goes through his creative process ; he’s a busy cartoonist, doing many series of self-published minicomics that certainly got some roots in the north-american field : once his self-published monthly minis (available through his website) are all gone, he publishes collected edition the european way (hardcover and occasionally colored books) through different publishers.
They’re not so numberous to try such things on the “for what kind of readers ?” topic, and Max is certainly one of the most talented to do it in Europe, especially since he spent time in Vermont residency (at the Center for Cartoon Studies, in 2009).

But he’s also a publisher, taking care of L’Employé du Moi Bruxelles publishing house, alongside friends he work with for many years by now : he share his studio with same generation cartoonists and you can clearly see it’s also part of the plan to push himself “elsewhere” with them aside, on a mutual emulation that makes him available to explore new things, still on basic lines he try to follow for years.

Born in 82, winner of many prizes and awards nominations for this various books, Max de Radigues stories tells things about youngsters and kids’ life nowadays, with a twist and an accuracy  that you rarely see around.
Bibliography :

  • “Orignal”, 2013, Delcourt.
  • “Cowabunga”, 2013, L’Employé du Moi.
  • “520 km”, 2012, Sarbacane.
  • “Frangins”, 2011, Sarbacane.
  • “Pendant ce temps à White River Junction”, 2011, 6 Pieds Sous Terre.
  • “L’âge dur”, 2011, L’Employé du Moi.
  • “I want to dance like Gene Kelly”, 2010, self-published.
  • “Jacques Delwitt – Little White Jack”, 2008, L’Employé du Moi.
  • “Antti Brysselissä”, 2007, L’Employé du Moi.
  • “Chroniques de Dublin”, 2006, self-published.

Anthologies, fanzines, collectives…

  • “6 pieds sous terre, l’Animal a 20 ans”, 2012, 6 Pieds Sous Terre.
  • “Alimentation Générale”, #1,2 & 3, 2012, Vide Cocagne.
  • “Appendix”, 2010, L’Employé du Moi.
  • “Jade 200U”, 2009, 6 Pieds Sous Terre.
  • “Crrisp !”, 2008, L’Employé du Moi.
  • “Polyominos”, 2007, Bruxelles BD Strip.