Self-deprecating, honesty, humor, and a lot of talent: these are the ingredients of Laura Park’s work. The autobiography is once again at the forefront of the creative approach of this young author, who has decided to share with her readers the news of her thyroid cancer in 2012. One could then imagine sinking into an unbearable pathos, but it is not so : the exquisite humor, without any compromission, is reigning in her designs, when she shares her surgery or even when she discovers the hospital bill…

We realize then that the work of Laura Park has a discreet side all the time. The observation of everyday details, the world surrounding, her criticism : this gives a bitter taste to her sketchworks and to this kind of intimate diary.

Her delicate work and a kind of fantasy anchored in reality goes with a beautiful control of inking and coloring. This talent earned her to be rewarded with a Ignatz Award and nominated for an Eisner Award.
Laura Park is a member of the Trubble Club, a collective of designers in Chicago. She has illustrated several books for the youth edition, award winner and rewarded (Middle School and I Funny, written by James Patterson) and his comics were published especially in magazines: Mome, Superior Showcase, the Best American Comics, Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Vice magazine, and Nickelodeon editions.
She’s now living in France. We look forward to plenty of great news (publishing great news, Laura Park fans !) in the months to come.

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