We spotted Domitille Collardey while the collective adventure “Desseins” or through “Chicou-Chicou”, some of this rare and fine blog where each new update was exciting.

Since, this young french artist published a few books here or there before to move to Brooklyn, where she lives for years now, and where she define and redefine her wide range of graphic styles, and from where she says hi, sometimes, with nice appearances : either through some pages or illustrations in the magazines Phosphore, Technikart (on the french side), or The Believer, The New York Times or McSweeney’s (between Ware, Clowes or Spiegelman) (on the US side) ; but we can also find her work in the wonderful english NoBrow revue, or where she offers some self-published precious minis that her numberous followers are glad to find.


Selective bibliography :

  • “Le magasine des suicides” (avec Olivier Ka), Delcourt 2012
  • “Famille, recompose-toi !”(avec Charles Braunstein), Hachette 2009
  • “Chicou-Chicou” (avec Boulet, Lisa Mandel, Erwan Surcouf, Aude Picault), Delcourt 2008