Well, it’s been a few days since PFC#4 is over. What an incredible adventure it was for us at ChiFouMi, and how many memories we got to share now…
The next blognote will be a big, huge kind of resume of the fourth instalment of our little comic book laboratory ; it will take a few days to find its way here, so hopefully you’ll be patient enough (shitty jetlag !) !
But before that, maybe a little “thumbs up !” to the shadow people, those who doesn’t appears on every picture or in every summary, but that without whom PFC#4 probably didn’t look the same (or didn’t look this nice !).

Mandie & Jaime
Mandie and Jaime, two of the main precious helps during this MCAD project. Working on something like a 22 hours/day, always nice and helpful, those two are not only some of the sweetest people we met during this time in Minneapolis, but they’re also some talented upcoming artists, who looks like they’re here at MCAD for a bunch of very good reasons !

Mathilde, Charlotte & Nathalie
And of course, our little ChiFouMi team, working on the exhibitions here, on the Autoptic booth (both for preparing it, checking the books orders and during the fest), and making this website alive during those crazy days. Mathilde, Charlotte and Nathalie were a little part of ChiFouMi but they workded hard as they were twelve !