Pierre Feuille Ciseaux #7 is a coproduction between l’association ChiFouMi et 9eArt+/FIBD.

Pierre Feuille Ciseaux #7 does exists because of a few essentials supports, without whom it could never be done.
At very first : thanks to every author, publisher, and to all the other pieces of this comics puzzle, who jumped into the project.
Then, we want to thanks the 9eArt+/FIBD whole team for offering us to share some time, space and energy with them.
Also, we also would like to thanks : Le Grand Jeu ; L’Espace Franquin ; Benoit Tuillac, Régie Spectacle de la ville d’Angoulême ; Du9.org ; Duly.ch for the translations works ; Renaud Thomas, our fave silkscreen maestro ; Geoffrey Grimal et Audrey Potrat at L’Atelier Le Bouc, Angoulême ; the printing house Didier Couvidat, in Angoulême ; Fabuleux Frichti.
Pierre Feuille Ciseaux #7 also exists with the help from EFIGIE (European Federation of Independants Graphics and Internationals Events).

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