Another time, ChiFouMi brings back the indy production in our quiet town of Besançon, where’s more and more bookstores are closing each year. So we decide to once again offers the Ephemeral ChiFouMi Bookstore, thanks to our friends at the Ateliers Zone Art from saturday, november 30th to tuesday, december 24th.
Comics from the indy field, minis, zines, small press… But also a few talks/meetings and a few surprises to come !
More news soon, but before that, let’s get some little teasing with a small piece of our brand new visual, courtesy of our good friend Pierre Ferrero, that you already probably know if you’re followed closely ChiFouMi last Pierre Feuille Ciseaux #4 in Minneapolis (check some great visual madness about him courtesy of the super cool 50 Watts blog right here).
Time for some teasing !

Petite Librairie ChiFouMi teasing

More really soon !