Some of the authors came to check the MCAD students works, and they are still amazed seing the quality of the artwork they saw. We’ll talk about all of this later, in the weeks to come, because we got plenty of things to share with everybody !
The students worked on many constraints and restrictions oriented works for one week with June from ChiFouMi, just before the residency, and they finally were asked to work on their own constraint exercise. All those students got skills, this is something that is just obvious.
During this second week coordinated by Barbara Schulz, the students kept on the idea, and well, just check the quality of the propositions (more will come soon !) :

One of the exercises is a funny project launched by June during the very first week : the exercise “I’m really french”.
The idea : he gave the students 4 french words to use in a 6 frames page. The only problem was that the students were’nt able to search for the translation. They had to use the word depending on their thoughts about it, and of course, each one has a very special feeling and senses ; and it makes some real great pages.
On this picture, the french and belgian authors have a lot of fun discovering the pages.

Exercise “I’m really french” by June during the workshop first week with students.

Jacob Ealy, étudiant à MCAD explique l'exercice
Jacob Ealy, one of the MCAD PFC class, explaining the exercise “Survival of the weirdest”
Discover what it’s all about a little bit below.

The exercise “Survival of the Weirdest”.

Les auteurs en salle de travail des étudiants de MCAD.
The students are quietly listening to the authors… Well, no : the authors are quietly listening to the students.

By Rosemary Valero O'Connell, étudiante à MCAD.
By Rosemary Valero O’Connell, étudiante à MCAD.

(Out of topic ?)
Auteur inconnu... mais c'est très beau non ?
Unknown author… Students who read these words, let us know !