While in Minneapolis the residency is in full spring, on the other side of the planet other people work on the sequential graphic narrative experiment.

In Thailand, our good friend Nicolas Verstappen, comic-book expert from Brussels exiled in Asia, took the notions of comics research and chifoumist proposal to Chulalongkorn university in Bangkok. This summer, he organised a 17 participants residency, from young authors to major artists of south asian scene. During this residency he organized a “Loop” session.

We decided to display this work done in Thailand to share it in the very center of the main workroom… Amongst the twenty artists who did checked this awesome piece of work, the US author Kevin Huizenga, the Mexican artist Ines Estrada and the canadian cartoonist Marc Bell, right below.

You can download a file of the exercices made in Bangkok right on this link (PDF file, 6,5 mo).

PFC5 - thailand loop