…but it is not a reason to hibernate !

First of all, we want to thank the authors, the publishers and all the stakeholders (without forgetting the generous volunteers !) who made of this exhibition a very successful event !

You were almost two thousands people to come to visit the exhibition « Ce Qui Nous Lie » and to be present at the events we organized around this one. Many of you told us that they enjoyed our work and we really want to thank you for this !

Now, here is the next meeting : from the 15 of November, at the Ateliers Zone Art, for the market of the local artisans, at 37 rue Battant, at Besançon.

Indeed, the association ChiFouMi will stand of Little Ephemary Bookstore with the selection of comics we love and defend by our actions : books from the independant publishing, the alternative publishing, the micro-publishing… We are impatient to suggest you our choices !

La Petite Librairie Ephémère ChiFouMi

Please to note too : many authors will come to show their work and their books.

The firt of these meetings will stand with Gilles Rochier, on the 22 of November at the Ateliers Zone Art. Please check our website to be informed of the next dates !
So… see ya !

CQNL rencontre Lucas Nancy
Meeting at local bookstore in Poligny “La Nouvelle Librairie Polinoise” with Nancy Peña and Lucas Varela.
CQNL projection dans la marge
The long night of short movies at the Kursaal – Cinéma de la Scène Nationale in Besançon.
CQNL panoramaTerhi Jonathan Ronald
Terhi Ekebom, Jonathan Larabie and Ronald Grandpey in the very middle of Besançon.
CQNL Guibert Sandales
One of the greatest moments in bookstores this year, with Emmanuel Guibert
CQNL Nancy Lucas panorama
Nancy Peña and the argentinian Lucas Varela dig Besançon !
CQNL Terhi 16
Terhi Ekebom (from Finland) on her mural painting in local restaurant Seize in Besançon.
Les auteurs et étudiants juste avant de démarrer les 24 heures de la bande dessinée !
Authors and students right before the very start of the 24hours comic book 2013 !
Gilles Rochier visite
French fav Gilles Rochier tells young students about his autobiographic work during the exhib.
Tanxxx Autodidacte
The one & only Tanxxx during her cutwood demo/meeting at the L’Autodidacte bookstore.
CQNL visite guidée
One of the many, many guided tours of the main collective exhibition, with June.
CQNL signature Daisuke
What is hiding behind each Daisuke Ichiba incredible drawings…
CQNL lires démontage
The dismantling, the books… The end !
CQNL les bénévoles et les cadres !
The ChiFouMists are dismantling and sort of tons of frames…