A few days with Jaime Hernandez

We told you before that the great Jaime Hernandez is around for some days, from some meeting with public at MCAD (related to his awesame retrospective exhibition) and the Autoptic fest this sunday.
The man is not only something of a comic book legend, who’s still got some pretty hot skills as we can see it in his last book, but he’s also an incredible nice, generous and simple man. Far away from so many divas in the field, he spent his whole time with PFC#4 people, and was kind enough to jump into some collective exercise. Don’t have to tell you that everybody was here for this exercise !

The opening of the retrospective.

The public talk with Zak Sally (the retrospective curator) was an incredible moment…

…shared with a few people !

It’s been 30 years since Jaime Hernandez do his thing. And 30 years later, young readers and artists are still really, really hot on what he does.

Some PFC#4 24′ exercise with the Man.

More news soon !


We got to share this !

PFC#4 on US tv, hotdammit ! (more…)

Happy blabla Charles Papier !

It’s not because we’re across the ocean that we won’t wish an happy birthday to our good friend Charles Papier. (more…)

Not only the authors are working hard : what about the students ?!

Some of the authors came to check the MCAD students works, and they are still amazed seing the quality of the artwork they saw. We’ll talk about all of this later, in the weeks to come, because we got plenty of things to share with everybody !
The students worked on many constraints and restrictions oriented works for one week with June from ChiFouMi, just before the residency, and they finally were asked to work on their own constraint exercise. All those students got skills, this is something that is just obvious.
During this second week coordinated by Barbara Schulz, the students kept on the idea, and well, just check the quality of the propositions (more will come soon !) : (more…)

Exercises, constraints, exercises, playtime, constraints, exercises…

The Phone exercise is going well, there’s even three that are in work in progress. The idea is quite simple, a first author draws a first panel then give the page to another author who copies the drawing in the following frame. Then, the second author hide the first panel with some post-it note and then pass it on to some third player. And then again, etc. (more…)