“Some Breath King / Break Something”, PFC#4 residents book.

If you’re familiar with PFC, perhaps you noticed that each year, we launch some crazy project-inside-the-project kind of thing : trying to make some book appears from this nice artists gathering, during the one and only very week where they’re all around.

For PFC#4, our main man Anders Nilsen, always on the run when it comes to add one more thing on his already giant-double-XXL to-do-list, decided to take care about it. Months before the beginning of the residency, he remembered that during his own PFC#3 residency in France, back in 2011, he was part of the giant process that our friends from Icinori launched while here. And he got the idea to work on his very own twist about it. (more…)

PFC#4 pre-afterword.

Well, it’s been a few days since PFC#4 is over. What an incredible adventure it was for us at ChiFouMi, and how many memories we got to share now…
The next blognote will be a big, huge kind of resume of the fourth instalment of our little comic book laboratory ; it will take a few days to find its way here, so hopefully you’ll be patient enough (shitty jetlag !) !
But before that, maybe a little “thumbs up !” to the shadow people, those who doesn’t appears on every picture or in every summary, but that without whom PFC#4 probably didn’t look the same (or didn’t look this nice !). (more…)

And how was Autoptic ?

In a single word : DOPE.
In a few : incredible organisation, super nice location, awesome exhibitors, great panels, exciting public.
In a few pictures : (more…)

Last day.

This was PFC#4 last day.
So many things to tell, but as today is the AUTOPTIC long-awaited day and that there’s still plenty of stuff to do, we’ll be back soon to talk about all of these crazy last hours…

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exo collectif menu DSCN4518

jaime DSCN4534 (more…)

A few days with Jaime Hernandez

We told you before that the great Jaime Hernandez is around for some days, from some meeting with public at MCAD (related to his awesame retrospective exhibition) and the Autoptic fest this sunday.
The man is not only something of a comic book legend, who’s still got some pretty hot skills as we can see it in his last book, but he’s also an incredible nice, generous and simple man. Far away from so many divas in the field, he spent his whole time with PFC#4 people, and was kind enough to jump into some collective exercise. Don’t have to tell you that everybody was here for this exercise !

The opening of the retrospective.

The public talk with Zak Sally (the retrospective curator) was an incredible moment…

…shared with a few people !

It’s been 30 years since Jaime Hernandez do his thing. And 30 years later, young readers and artists are still really, really hot on what he does.

Some PFC#4 24′ exercise with the Man.

More news soon !


We got to share this !

PFC#4 on US tv, hotdammit ! (more…)

Happy blabla Charles Papier !

It’s not because we’re across the ocean that we won’t wish an happy birthday to our good friend Charles Papier. (more…)

Not only the authors are working hard : what about the students ?!

Some of the authors came to check the MCAD students works, and they are still amazed seing the quality of the artwork they saw. We’ll talk about all of this later, in the weeks to come, because we got plenty of things to share with everybody !
The students worked on many constraints and restrictions oriented works for one week with June from ChiFouMi, just before the residency, and they finally were asked to work on their own constraint exercise. All those students got skills, this is something that is just obvious.
During this second week coordinated by Barbara Schulz, the students kept on the idea, and well, just check the quality of the propositions (more will come soon !) : (more…)

Exercises, constraints, exercises, playtime, constraints, exercises…

The Phone exercise is going well, there’s even three that are in work in progress. The idea is quite simple, a first author draws a first panel then give the page to another author who copies the drawing in the following frame. Then, the second author hide the first panel with some post-it note and then pass it on to some third player. And then again, etc. (more…)

We got some visit !

Friday, 10 AM, everybody is going back to work with a certain frenzy : the week passed so quickly, but there’s tons of works that needs to be pushed more and more tonight, tonight and… probably tomorrow, as certain residents looks like they REALLY want to make this PFC#4 some unforgettable moment.
And look who’s just arrived : Jaime Hernandez is in the place. The day will be crazy. (more…)

“Oppression”, another proposition from JC Menu !

Between two big laughs (because we’re really have fun here while working really hard !) : “Oppression”, the new exercise that Jean-Christophe Menu asked to the authors, is a 6 frames suite of oppressives moments, that the author should had really lived between 9 and 14 years old. (more…)

“Wonder Woman”

This exercise was proposed by John Porcellino according to the following constraint :

” Wonder Woman has captured you with her magic lasso. You must tell the truth. What do you say?”


Wonder Woman

A glimpse of what was produced.



J.C. Menu seems to love the idea!



Emilie Plateau

Never try to compete with Wonder Woman, by Emilie Plateau.



Domitille Collardey

Let’s talk about fashion, by Domitille Collardey.



Anders Nilsen

We don’t wanna know!!  – Anders Nilsen

“Blobs to be continued”

This exercise was proposed by Marc Bell. Authors have to use the blobs in their drawing.


Blobs continued

First page completed.


New proposal

On the left, a new page to be continued.

“Fuck this thing”

This exercise was proposed by Eleanor Davis according to the following constraint : “Draw the thing you hate drawing the most. You don’t have to finish it. Just draw until you give up”.

Fuck this thing

Fuck drawing myself over and over.

“Hot Dog”

Exercise proposed by Eugene Riousse according to the following constraint : ” Draw around the sausages “…. Yummy!


A Secret City…

Authors are definitely inspired. Here another exemple of this creativity.

a new project Eleanor?

A few days ago, strange paper constructions appeared on the desk…Eleonor Davies was thinking about something.


New project of Eleanor

Yesterday, we finally discovered what she was elaborating. She launched a new exercise : the “Secret City”.


Eleanor Davis presents her Secret City project

The principle is fascinating : authors have to draw on bristol without showing anyone what they’re doing.



They stick it on a black cardboard so that only a portion of the sketch will be visible through a little window.  There will be a hidden secret part forever.


City forming

All put together, black cardboards build a “city”. Nobody will ever know the whole thing, each author’s got a secret in it…


To fulfill the “act of poetry”, the authors might burn this Secret City at the end of the residency…

The holy 24 minutes exercise at PFC.

Yesterday and today, authors and students did the classic “24 minutes” exercise (kind of the grand-grand-son of the 60 minutes et 30 minutes exercises). They will do it every day of the week, they have to adopt the routine!
They have to produce 3 pages in 24 minutes time only. Each page contains 6 frames. One frame has to be produced in 4 mn by 3 authors working together…Ok, to be clear, they have to draw in the rush to finish in time.

Les auteurs et étudiants en pleine action pendant l'Exercice des 20 minutes.

Authors and students during the “24 minutes” exercise.

Les 20 minutes par Rosemay, max de Radiguès et Eleanor Davis.

One of the 3 “24 minutes” by Rosemary Valero-O’Connell, Max de Radiguès and Eleanor Davies.

Les 20 minutes par Pierre Ferrero, Brandon et Lisa Hanawalt.

One of the 3 “24 minutes” by Pierre Ferrero, Brandon Hugues and Lisa Hanawalt.

Les 20 minutes par Leigh, Lilli Carré et Geneviève Castrée.

One of the 3 “24 minutes” by Leigh Luna, Lilli Carré and Geneviève Castrée.

Les 20 minutes sont terminées m'sieurs dames !

Time’s up, ladies and gentlemen!

Jugglers art show opening @ Co-Exhibitions, meet & greet @ French Alliance, Pretty Ladies live…

Crazy, crazy evening.
At first, after a long day of working on plenty of many exciting exercices, all the PFC#4 residents went over downtown, for some Meet & Greet little talk offered by the French Alliance, which is one of our precious partners for our little adventure here.
Most of students PFC#4 related class were also here, and people from ChiFouMi did their best for showing and explaining what PFC was all about to the thousands of francophiles who came, and most of our various actions : screenings of exhibitions, meetings, workshops, residency and all were done, including some the two shorts films that our great friends at Kaméléon Prod in Besançon and Aurélien Pou7 Jeanney did a few years ago.
Seing pictures of La Saline, here, in Minneapolis, was something quite moving for us, we gotta admit. While we’re on this subject, we would like to take this opportunity to say hello to our friends from ChiFouMi in France : Lionel, Pablo-Paquito-Ramon, Charline, Alcor, Marina, Max, Nadine, Bob, Juliette, Mathilde, Emilie, Marie, Philippa, Steve, Nancy, Christophe, Florence, Caro, Adeline, Bruno, Chloé, Anne, Fabien, Nono, Raph, Raph 2, Auria, Stéphanie, et of course to all the people who helped in one way or another our various actions. And of course, we wanna make a big hug to our loved president Gil-Loup. We think about you everyday here, dear friends.

Oh ! And Geneviève Castrée helped us on the english translation, too. Thanks to her once again !

After this, Benoit Preteseille did a little presentation of the ION Exhition happening there :

But ! This stirring tuesday was just at its beginning : after the meeting at French Alliance, everybody crossed the Mississipi river and went up north east for getting into the opening of the “Jugglers” exhibition that Anders Nilsen planned for months at this super cool Co-Exhibitions place.

What can we say ? Combining so many talented artists in this dope place was the idea of the year.
“From Sculpture to Animation and Songwriting to Design: An exhibition of 10 cartoonists from two continents. with music by Zak Sally’s Pretty Ladies”. Well, we were supposed to know how great it got to be. And well, it was !

And all of this finished with some impressive live act courtesy of Zak Sally and Shawn Walker : together, they’re Pretty Ladies. And they did a set that we’ll probably remember for a long time, including some contribution from the public that was asked to draw on some paper wall made for the occasion. The music was a great source of inspiration. And still is.

Thanks to Anders, Zak and her Pretty Ladies.
And PFC#4 is still gettin hot and hot ! Check us 24/24 online here…
Insane technology !  Crazy cartoonists ! Free coffee !
Let’s go.

Aesthetic Apparatus is in the place !

We have the incredible pleasure to get some of the best silkscreen printers ever aboard !
Aesthetic Apparatus will print the amazing collective book that everybody work on since monday morning. You can get a reminder of what it’s all about here, and for being sure this accordeon book will kick ass, we didnt took any risks and asked Dan, one of the great guys at Aesthetic Apparatus, to come visit us to tell about the technical specifics, and he was kind enough to comes over here.

Can’t wait for seing the whole result !
And we got a thought for our friend Nono and the Demouj’mouj’ family, yo !
More soon.