24 hours comics day 2016 : Angoulême, here we come !

More 24 hours comics extravanganza !
Thanks to la Maison des Auteurs de la Cité Internationale de la Bande Dessinée et de l’Image d’Angoulême and its partnership with le Festival international de la bande dessinée d’Angoulême, ChiFouMi will drive this 10th 24h comics day edition in Angoulême.
We got crazy constraints in mind and you can be part of this from wherever in the world, as far as you can register online on the website between december 2015, 8th to january 2016, 17th.
And check what it will be all about by visiting 24hdelabandedessinee.com on the very first moment when we’ll share the constraints (yeah, there will be more than one !) : rendez-vous on january 26th, 3 pm (Paris hour ! check yours).

24H bande dessinée Maison des Auteurs ©Christophe Bataillon
More real soon !

(illustration : Christophe Bataillon)

Thanks Kaboom !

Fourteen pages !
What an honour for ChiFouMi to get such a nice coverage in the very last issue of the french magazine Kaboom.
Thanks to Stéphane Beaujean (editor in chief) and to his collaborators on this. We’re so proud to be in such company…

PFC dans Kaboom #12 - couverture

PFC dans Kaboom #12 - sommaire

18ème festival des littératures policières noires et sociales / Pas Sérial S’Abstenir 2015

Small minicomics DIY factory with Berth, Alex Baladi, Nicolas Moog and Renaud Thomas, in Besançon, next month ! (more…)

24h results online.

Please check the french version for more infos about this note.

All the results of this under constraints 24 hours session are online right here.

Paper Is Not Dead ! Another exhibition in eastern France.

It’s time to spread the word again !
ChiFouMi was invited by Le Musée des Maisons Comtoises for some big collective exhibition with some quite specific thematic : paper -as a matter- in all its forms, and how artists play with it today.
There’s plenty of artists who’ll be part of this exhibition, and ChiFouMi tried to show a bit about the creativity and the crazy imagination that can appears here or there in our little contemporary sequential narrative process field…
We are proud to get brilliant original artwork from Florian Huet, LL de Mars and Benoît Preteseille, Emilie Plateau, Michel Hellman, Ruppert & Mulot, Margaux Duseigneur, Mandie Brasington, and Lilli Carré, and with crazy books from Editions Polystyrène or productions from our very own ChiFouMi collective.


After ChiFouMi & Cie #1 : Pierre Ferrero & Anders Nilsen at the Mine de Rien bookstore, Besançon.

Another meeting in Besançon, just after CHIFOUMI & CIE : Pierre Ferrero (from Lyon, France) and Anders Nilsen (Minneapolis, USA).
July, 29th, 6-8pm. (more…)

Springtime with ChiFouMi : Bastia, Dijon, Besançon…

If there’s anybody here who wants to read some english version of our springtime blurb, please let us know !
Thanks you !

Homies forever – the art of Ophélie Bernaud and Pierre Ferrero

Please check the french version for more infos about this note. (more…)

ChiFouMi <3 Central Vapeur

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Some busy schedule.

Please check the french version for more infos about this note. (more…)

Some news from our next rendez-vous…

…that won’t happen nearby our usual base of operations (around Besançon), but where a few members of ChiFouMi will go, along a group of artists on our side, following the residency-laboratory Pierre Feuille Ciseaux #4 which is happening the week before this exciting event called Autoptic !
This super dope poster is done by Anders Nilsen, who is just proving each new day how great he is, but check it :

Autoptic poster 1

More news really soon !

(Français) Sophie Guerrive et Marion Mousse à Besançon.


Jose Muñoz in Besançon.

We’re invited to such a nice event by our friends of the association Pas Serial S’Abstenir : the 15th edition of the Festival des Littératures Policières Noires et Sociales (Social and Crime Literature festival), located in the Kursaal in Besançon, on May the 19th and 20th. (*).


Flying Pou7 has struck again.

Final phase of nostalgic display, I promise.

It’s been several years that Aurélien Jeanney (alias Flying Pou7), graphic designer and video director in our green lands, has never been far away from the turmoil caused by each new Pierre Feuille Ciseaux.
Last October, while giving a hand at the Usine where he has become familiar with destroying All Over’s silkscreen printing studio equipment with a genuine enthusiasm, he had brought his video recorder. Three months later, the result is a short video composed of a few images gleaned here and there while racing against the clock.
Obviously, this is not an exhaustive video catalog of what Pierre Feuille Ciseaux#3 has been, but rather a souvenir made of moving images. The association ChiFouMi thanks him for that (and actually invites you to poke your nose into the whole of his dense work).

The music, moving as well, was made by Zak Sally, one of the American cartoonists invited during the third residency.
Once more, we invite you to read his books (he’s La Mano’s boss, a publishing organization ‘invisible since 1992’) and to listen to his music (his solo work is available from Sub Pop).


More ChiFouMi news pretty soon !

The residency is over, but there are still many things to see

Although the residency is over, some cartoonists still participate in meetings organized this week in various bookshops in Franche-Comté. Tonight, it will take place at the Sandales d’Empédocle in Besançon.
You can come and talk to Sarah Glidden, Zak Sally and Anders Nilsen at 10.45 pm.
Just before, at 6 pm, the opening of “The Lost & Found”, Anders Nilsen‘s retrospective exhibition at Seize OGS.
Don’t hesitate to come and see, especially if you didn’t manage to come at the Saline this weekend. The exhibition is running till November 17.

Guided tour of The Lost & Found by the artist Anders Nilsen.

Waiting for 2011…

Our friends at All Over in full action

Côté expo…

En plus des travaux réalisés par les auteurs en résidence et d’une présentation/exposition de l’OuBaPo, nous accueillerons (non sans fierté), l’exposition « XX / MMX » célébrant l’anniversaire de L’Association, et produite à l’occasion du dernier festival Sismics de Sierre. Voilà 20 ans que L’Association se bat pour diffuser et développer la bande dessinée alternative ; à cette occasion, la maison d’édition a proposé à ses auteurs de dessiner un pendant, une suite, un complément ou une réinterprétation d’une de leurs planches publiées chez cet éditeur. Le résultat est visible depuis le printemps dernier sous la forme d’un catalogue disponible à la vente et d’une exposition. Cette présentation des planches originales donne un aperçu de l’étendue et de la diversité des œuvres publiées depuis 1990.

Arte était allé interviewer Jean-Christophe Menu à l’occasion de la sortie du catalogue…