ChiFouMi & Cie : it’s over !

It was a crazy week indeed, full of good surprises and filled with emulation.
We’ll be back in the days to come with more details and probably a loooooong list of thanks, but as it’s already 3 days since the Saint-Claude extravanganza is over, it’s time to add the final point to this another ChiFouMi adventure in the crazy world of cartoonism.
More soon indeed, stay tuned for some more surprises real soon (including some informations about how to get hands on the brand new collective book that was released during the week…)… (more…)

ChiFouMi & Cie : the print shop.

While the authors have made most of their work, the screen-printing workshop is abuzz since yesterday.
Two projects are being printed : the booklet (or Zine, proposed by Chifoumi), and the fanzine, at the initiative of the authors. (more…)

ChiFouMi & Cie : where authors try and find inspiration in the wild…

Our man Mathieu offered to get a short visit of the nice place where we spend the week.
Oh, there were a bit of sunshine, too, which wasn’t bad neither. (more…)

ChiFouMi & Cie : the book procedure.

The booklet which is the leitmotiv of this collective creation week is based on a recent proposal by ChiFouMi.
The exercise called “La Boucle” (the loop) has already been explored in Central Vapeur or at the fesival of comics in BD à Bastia. It is based on the basic idea of an exquisite corpse to which specific contraints are added. These contraints have been slightly altered to turn this proposal into something achievable during our short residency. (more…)

ChiFouMi & Cie : how we draw here.

Weird gestures, stranges moves, unexpected positions.
The cartoonists never stop drawing. (more…)