Last copies !

As we are trying to make things in order in our billions of billions of archives, we just get our hands on a couple of books and posters done during the fifth Pierre Feuille Ciseaux (in Minneapolis, US, last year).
Those three last collective productions were released at the end of ten days of collaborative work between +20 creators : Josh Bayer (USA), Gabrielle Bell (USA), Marc Bell (CAN), Charles Burns (USA), Rachel Deville (FR), Ines Estrada (MEX), Edie Fake (USA), Pierre Ferrero (FR), Dominique Goblet (BE), Sammy Harkham (USA), Aidan Koch (USA), Antoine Marchalot (FR), Pascal Matthey (CH), Jean-Christophe Menu (FR), Anders Nilsen (USA), Nylso (FR), Laura Park (USA), Helge Reumann (CH), Zak Sally (USA), Jillian Tamaki (CAN)…

PFC5 Autoptic 2

Those very last items are now on sale on our online shop ; it shouldn’t stay this long before the very last copies will be sold, and we’re sorry for this awful agressive marketting method…  😉

More really soon !

A conversation with Aidan Koch on

On a very regular basis, those super nice folks at give us some news of the great moments we all lived all together by the past, during our Pierre Feuille Ciseaux (“PFC”) classic events.

This very week, du9 share with us some long interview with Aidan Koch, who was part of the PFC5 residency in Minneapolis during the 2015 summer. Aidan is a brilliant artist who is using comics (and not only) to express herself and tell things with a real refreshing and very unique twist. As Xavier Guilbert says :

“With one foot in comics and the other in contemporary art, Aidan Koch is definitely a polymorphic artist who draws, sculpts, works on fabric, publishes littles books and makes installations. In every one of her projects, she works with fragile things, connects fragments, suggests impressions — building with every stroke a narrative that is both elegant and cristalline.”

You can read the whole thing online, which is right here.

Aidan Koch - exemple 7  Aidan Koch - exemple 2

Aidan Koch - exemple 3
Some others interviews done during PFC and available on du9 :
Charles Burns, in 2015.
John Porcellino, in 2013.
Marc Bell, in 2013.
Jaime Hernandez, in 2013.
Anton Kannemeyer aka Joe Dog, in 2012.
Anders Nilsen, in 2012.

Thanks again Xavier !

Thanks Kaboom !

Fourteen pages !
What an honour for ChiFouMi to get such a nice coverage in the very last issue of the french magazine Kaboom.
Thanks to Stéphane Beaujean (editor in chief) and to his collaborators on this. We’re so proud to be in such company…

PFC dans Kaboom #12 - couverture

PFC dans Kaboom #12 - sommaire

Jetlag and first memories.

We’ll get some infos from our long-awaited deliveries pretty soon now (the book, the poster… the posterS, should we add !), but before that, here’s some news from our residents-cartoonists friends who, as it looks, really like the PFC5 residency.
As much as we did, probably ! (more…)

Mission accomplished.



Yippee!! Live from Autoptic! (more…)

More awesomeness printed stuff finding its way to the Kickstarter !

So !
It wasn’t scheduled and just went naturally those last hours but as usual when it comes to PFC madness, some authors used the huge and great printshop just one door away from our week-long work-room (thanks to Kara Gregory and Diana Eieher from the MCAD printshop) and well… Things happened !
So, soon on Kickstarter : (more…)

PFC#5 presentation at Alliance Française – Minneapolis

Wednesday night at the Alliance française in Minneapolis, there was an introduction to ChiFouMi and the fifth edition of Pierre Feuille Ciseaux.

If you want to see the speeches of June, Xavier Guilbert and JC Menu (in great shape !), just check down here : (more…)

Hey ! New stuff up for grabs on our Kickstarter !

Thanks to all of y’all’s help PFC 5 is funded with time to spare!

But lets not let that momentum die! Now is the chance to start laying the foundation for PFC 6 so we can keep exploding the boundaries of the comic art form. (more…)

On the exhibition side, things goes well too.

Autoptic Kick-Off Party and Art Show : Nothing Will Ever Be the Same is the title of the group exhibition we’re putting together at Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis to kick off Autoptic on August 7th, 7-10, right after PFC5 ending. (more…)

Meanwhile in Thailand…

While in Minneapolis the residency is in full spring, on the other side of the planet other people work on the sequential graphic narrative experiment. (more…)

Wanna see what the 3 colors silkscreen collaborative poster looks like ?

Then you should wait for another little bit, but looks like things are really on their way… (more…)

Charles Burns and Sammy Harkham have a chat with the students

After various meetings with some europeans authors as well as with Aidan Koch and Josh Bayer, Charles Burns and Sammy Harkham finally shared a couple of hours with the students of the workshop. (more…)


Once the 3 first panels done, the authors, in an order determined by drawing lots, chose the sequence they want to finalize. Now it’s time to put things together by the imposition of the book. (more…)

A faceless goat, a wood guy, a flashlight…

The first step of the look has been launched. Each author has chosen a character, an object, a setting and is elaborating the first panels of the future “Loop”. The exercise is by now legendary, but surprises nonetheless expect us… (more…)

The elaboration of the poster goes on…



PFC5 /Poster 1 PFC5 / Poster 2 PFC5 / Poster 3 PFC5 / Poster 4 PFC5 / Poster 5 PFC5 / Poster 6

…and it’s gonna be swell !


Aidan Koch and Josh Bayer meets students.

Even if the residency is at the moment a super intense collective creative mess, we tried to take some time for having last week students able to share a bit of time with some artists. (more…)

Visit of the printshop

The authors visited the amazing MCAD’s printshop yesterday evening.This visit gave rise to many ideas that we look forward discovering ! (more…)

The Loop try-out, some crayfishes, some clouds.

This sunday was the very first day of full creation time for all the PFC5 residents. (more…)