Born in 1989 in Nîmes.
Between 2003 and 2005, publishes several minis that shows/introduce some cartoonists that he met online. During his philosophy studies, he dives into neoplatonism and starts writing about comics, starting with Pepito (2010) preamble for the French publisher Cornélius. In 2018, he self-publishes a couple of zines called Anti-Reflux, from which some pages are translated in Kramers Ergot #10 (Fantagraphics) in 2019, while of those very pages appears in Nicole magazine (Cornélius).

Bibliography :  
Anti Reflux 1 (self-published, 2018)
Anti Reflux 2 (self-published, 2109)

Collectives : 
Kramers Ergot #10 (Fantagraphics, 2019)
Nicole N°8 (Cornélius, 2019)