Today, a pretty great bunch of cartoonists from the US, Canada and Europe finally arrived at Minneapolis. It was saturday, everybody was kind of getting jetlag, so we figured out that the best to do before the rest of the residents come around tomorrow should be : just hanging around !
What we can do tell at the moment :
– some artists are so excited they actually started to work on collaborative stuff together at the airport around 5:00 in the morning ! And they even kept on doing it during the flight, which means that well, we got motivation here (and we saw/read it, and that was really good !).
– Deb’ (is it correctly spelled ? probably not) and Barbara did some of the best potato salad we ever had, while Zak did a great job with the saturday night kind-of-firt-meeting barbecue. Thanks guys, that was an impressive meal we got there !

Eleanor Davis, JC Menu, Zak Sally, Sandrine Martin, Charlotte from ChiFouMi, Pierre Ferrero.

David Libens, Zak Sally, Anders Nilsen, Charlotte from ChiFouMi, JC Menu, Sandrine Martin, Pierre Ferrero (and no, Eleanor Davis didn’t take a nap on the MCAD grass !)

Eleanor Davis, Charlotte from ChiFouMi, Pierre Ferrero and Sandrine Martin.

Watch out ! Back : Jaime Willems (from the MCAD bunch of precious helping people), JC Menu, Jack Kotz (some other precious MCAD guy who just spent the day grabbing everybody at the airport and taken them here), David Libens, Mandie Brasington (another MCAD super awesome nice helping girl too), Pierre Ferrero, June, Fabien Texier (from Central Vapeur in Strasbourg), Eugène Riousse, Marc Bell.
Front : Sandrine Martin, Zak Sally, Barb Schulz, Eleanor Davis.

Sandrine Martin (France), Anders Nilsen (US) and Marc Bell (Canada).

Hello Minneapolis !

We’ll get more people to grab at the airport in the hours to come so… Stay tuned for more !